How to Choose digital marketing as a good career ?

digital marketing carrer

In today’s Indian corporate offices, digital marketing career is a prominent professional topic. Any organization, large or small, wants to have a digital presence through Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, blogs, and other social media platforms. 

Many young people and professionals are considering pursuing a career in digital marketing.

If you want to be a digital marketer but aren’t sure if it’s the right career for you, you shouldn’t be concerned as long as you prepare by taking the best digital marketing online course available. 

You can do it from the comfort of your own home, thanks to the internet.

The way we do business has changed as a result of digital marketing. Companies can contact their clients like never before while yet retaining a personal relationship with them through online platforms such as social networking sites, and communication is brought to a new level.

Small businesses that don’t have access to large audiences or money to advertise on TV ads or even print advertisements benefit from this communication.

The promotion of products and services over the internet is known as digital marketing. It’s similar to traditional marketing, except the platform is online, such as websites and portals. 

Traditional marketing strategies have been used for decades, but digital marketing is a newer subject.

Everything these days is delivered in a digital format. We can shop for clothes online, buy groceries online, study for any subject online, and even book our plane tickets online if we want to.

 As our lives become increasingly digital, it is inevitable that product and service marketing will follow suit and continue to grow, at least for the time being.

Digital Marketing’s Major Roles

1. Manager or Director of Digital Marketing

This is one of the most significant positions in the industry of digital marketing.  The Digital Marketing Manager/Director is responsible for the overall marketing development, including developing strategies to increase traffic, executing digital marketing campaigns, improving and upgrading the website on a regular basis, and so on.

2. A web developer or web designer are two professionals who work together to create a Website

These are the people behind all of those fantastic websites you see on the internet. Although the terms web developer and web designer are often used interchangeably, a web developer’s function is more defined, whilst a web designer’s responsibilities are more varied. 

You’ll be in charge of designing, developing, and maintaining websites as a web developer/designer.

digital marketing career


One of the greatest careers is working in social media, but don’t mistake it for just Tweeting and Facebooking; there’s a lot more to it. 

As a social media executive/manager, you must keep up with the newest social media trends and prepare strategies accordingly, as well as regularly coordinate with the content team and client service team, create quality content or video, and so on.

 This job requires extensive knowledge of all social media platforms as well as a high level of inventiveness.

4. Marketer of Content

If you believe you can write better than what is already available on the internet, you are ideal for this position. 

A content marketer’s responsibilities include developing material with all of the characteristics of going viral, ensuring that the content is well-promoted through SEO, collaborating with other teams and incorporating their input into content, and following content trends, among others. 

To succeed in content marketing, you’ll need a strong command of the English language as well as a lot of imagination.

5. Expert in PPC/SEM

These guys are the ones who make the adverts we described earlier, which are both useful and annoying at times. PPC professionals are in high demand because they create a lot of leads for the organization.

 You should handle PPC keywords, separate ad groups, enhance landing sites, provide reports, make ad copy and visual suggestions, and so on as a PPC/SEM expert.

What Is the Best Way to Establish a Digital Marketing Career in India?

The digital marketing sector in India is expanding. While a few colleges are now offering courses on the issue, it will be some time before these options are available to those who need them the most – students who have little access to current information about digital marketing career paths. That’s where SEO Aim Point comes in: our skilled instructors offer comprehensive digital marketing trainings that cover everything from what digital marketing includes to how to find work possibilities and earn more money once you’ve honed your skills.

Why should you learn about digital marketing ?

Every day, businesses are realizing that the digital marketing industry is vital and that ignoring it is no longer an option. According to the Times of India, digital marketing will produce 2.5 million employments in India by 2022, and different digital marketing schools (including online courses) and digital marketing organizations are available.

Take a look at how JIO is gaining market share as Airtel lowers its tariffs. Do you recall the last time you focused on a newspaper ad or a TV advertisement without switching channels? In terms of how people consume knowledge, there has been a paradigm change.

digital matketing future career

In India, the future of digital marketing is bright

Two of the major five job-related talents are in online marketing, according to a recent LinkedIn year-end survey: advertising campaign management and marketing for SEO / SEM. According to McKinley Research Partners’ research from 2017, 56% of organizations surveyed seek staff with digital marketing knowledge.

An excellent digital marketing school can help you flourish and get you in shape for the future, as well as give you digital marketing certification and above-average job opportunities in areas like content development and social media. Nonetheless, hiring for traditional marketing abilities such as direct sales seem below average.


At this moment, we are unable to evaluate the scope of digital and traditional advertising. Nonetheless, internet marketing is safe and transparent, and there’s a lot you can accomplish with a small budget. You must understand that today’s consumers are always online, networking on social networks 24 hours a day, and enjoying a digital world. Is it a part of their digital life for your business, or not?

Did you obtain technical expertise, most importantly? Now that you know there’s a job opportunity in digital marketing, it’s time to get ready to work as a digital marketing specialist. If you want to master digital marketing so that you can expand your job options, or if you are passionate about marketing or brand creation and want to acquire new online marketing approaches to complement your current talents.

The goal of a digital marketing course is to breathe life into your websites through content and methods. There are many employment opportunities in digital marketing. This will necessitate both imagination and logic. Composing meaningful material and developing techniques necessitates a great deal of ingenuity and imaginative thinking.

In the commercial world, digital marketing positions will soon become a necessity. Jobs in digital marketing will soon become a significant part of the commercial sector. It is safer to choose this difficult career option.

Yes, digital marketing is a well-paid profession. A digital marketer’s annual salary for just an executive-level role varies between INR 2,50,000 to INR 5,00,000. The average start salary for a manager would be between INR 8,00,000 and INR 10,00,000.

The actual duration of a digital marketing course, whether online or in a classroom situation, is 1 to 12 months. For courses given by digital platforms and digital market and business colleges, digital marketing course cost vary from INR 2,000 to INR 50,000.

You only need to have passed your secondary level of education in any subject and have a basic understanding of English. You are prepared to learn digital marketing if you have this.

Digital Marketing’s Scope: Social Media and Beyond

Business-to-business (B2B) and company (B2C) digital marketing strategies are both using social media platforms. B2B: B2B marketers use social media channels like LinkedIn and Twitter to generate leads.

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